In most circumstances a ductless mini split heat pump is the least expensive and most efficient way to reduce your home heating costs.


Ductless mini splits are the most common residential heat pump systems installed in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia Power financed over 18,000 heat pumps in 2017. It’s great to see that consumers are making the switch at a rapid rate.


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Who is the ideal candidate for ductless heat pump? 

The ideal candidate would be any home that is currently without a heat pump.

NOTE: It is possible that a ductless heat pump is an option for homes with a pre-existing ducted hot air heating system, however we generally explore the possibility of installing a ducted heat pump first in those situations.


Ideal Homes and Situations

Ductless Mini split heat pumps function well in most homes and layouts including:

  • 1 and 2 story homes
  • Ranch style (on a slab)
  • Split Entry and Side Splits
  • Mobile homes
  • Duplexes (some vary)
  • Condo’s
  • Offices
  • Apartments and In-Law Suites



A home using 12,000 kW of electric resistance heat per year installs an LG Prestige # LAU180HYV1 with HSPF of 10.87.

12,000 kW x 3412 btu/kW = 40,944,000 btus

40,944,000 / (10.87 x 1,000) = 3,760 kW energy required for heat pump

Original heating cost is 12,000 kW x $0.153/kW = $1,836

Heat pump cost is 3,760kW x $0.153/kW = $575.30

Savings equals original heating cost less heat pump cost = $1,260.70


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Since 1983, Panasonic Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Products offer a wide range of versatile solutions for cooling and heating requirements for single or multiple rooms. Panasonic’s standard warranty is 7 years compressor and 5 years parts. Extended warranties are available.


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