What is a ducted add-on system?

A large number of homes are built using a forced air heating system. The heat is produced by an oil, electric or gas furnace and the heated air is delivered throughout the home through a system of rectangular and round metal ductwork.

A ducted add-on system uses your existing furnace and ductwork to distribute the heating and cooling throughout the home. An A-coil is placed in the supply ductwork of your furnace and connected with refrigerant piping to the outdoor condensing unit. This type of system is controlled using a two stage thermostat. If there is a call for second stage heating the thermostat will bring on the backup heat source. The amount of oil needed to supplement your ducted heat pump system is dependant on the balance point of the heat pump installed. 

What is a full furnace replacement?

With a full furnace replacement your existing oil or gas furnace is replaced with a new air handler having a variable speed blower and A-coil. A full furnace replacement enables you to select oil/gas or electric resistance heat as your backup heating source.  

Using an oil fired furnace the A coil must be located in the  supply air side of the heat exchanger which means that the heat pump must be turned off when the oil furnace is running (not efficient). If using electric resistance heat the electric elements can be located in front of the A-coil allowing the heat pump to operate in conjunction with the second stage heat (very efficient). 


Back-up heat sources



Oil  – not the best choice as supplemental heat with a heat pump system because with the coil located in the supply air of the furnace, the heat pump must be turned off whenever the oil burner is running. A good choice because if the power is off, only a small generator is required to power the oil furnace and heat the home.


Electric  – a good choice as the heat pump can operate to its full potential and only use the electric backup to supplement the heat pump output when the outside temperature falls below the balance point.


Gas  – a good choice as supplemental heat with a heat pump system because the coil can be located in the return air of the furnace, enabling the heat pump to run in conjunction with the modulating gas burner. Also a good choice because if the power is off, only a small generator is required to power the gas furnace and heat the home.


Wood  – a good choice.



  • Can do any size home that has the proper ductwork installed.
  • Able to do complicated or sophisticated home designs. Where you would need multiple ductless heat pumps one central ducted system could be sufficient.


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Ductless Split       

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  • Very energy efficient.

Ducted Brands That We Recommend

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