The Secret to a Healthy Home

Indoor air quality creates a healthy and comfortable environment. 

Indoor air quality describes the amount of moisture, oxygen and air pollution inside your home. Healthy indoor air quality has moderate humidity, good oxygen levels and low concentration of airborne particles and harmful gases. 

Poor indoor air quality can have a negative impact on human health and cause expensive structural damage to homes.  Dust, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, viruses, mites, cockroaches and smoking are common sources of poor indoor air quality. 

We are so excited to introduce the ductless Panasonic ClimaPure XE with  Nanoe™X technology. Not only a system that delivers heating in the cold months and air condition in the warm months but also an air purification system with built-in Wi-Fi. 

This heat pump not only saves money on your heating bill but also a proven technology selected by professional  Nanoe™ X keeps the air clean in your home! 

The Panasonic ClimaPure XE with  Nanoe™X technology has a HSPF rating of 13 making it one of the higher end models. To give a comparison, if you currently use electric baseboards to heat you home, the Panasonic ClimaPure would be approximately 4 times more efficient. That’s a big difference when it comes to the heating bill!

But even though the Panasonic ClimaPure XE with  Nanoe™X technology has the top of the line efficiency ratings, that isn’t what makes it special. It gets even better!

The new air purifying system is called the Nanoe™ X this technology cleans the air, kills viruses, kills bacteria, eliminates smell, kills allergens and can even maintain the perfect humidity level for your home and adds moisture to your skin and hair!

To paint the picture you see, if you were to smoke in your home, the odor causing substances would be eliminated to a very low number.

It’s like those Febreeze commercials you may have seen. Your home may have some scents in it you don’t even know about, but the Nanoe™ X can help eliminate that.

How The NanoeX Works

Nanoe™ X  particles, which are smaller than steam droplets, penetrate deeply into fabric, where they carry out highly effective deodorisation.

The way the NanoeX does this is by using OH radicals to bind onto the molecules in the air. In layman's terms, it basically uses water to destroy the pesky particles floating around. This is a big deal, because not only can it clean your air but it can also maintain a good air humidity.

Nanoe™ X is effective in inhibiting the activity of both airborne and adhered bacteria and viruses. 

Nanoe™ X containing 10 times more OH radicals can inhibit major allergens. 

Nanoe™ X is effective in removing various airborne fungi within a room as well as inhibiting the growth of adhered fungi.

Nanoe™ Timeline

In 1997 Panasonic started research based on the theme of air purification in the living environment (house dust and odor).

2013 4th generation Peltier type. Rail transport began to adopt Nanoe™ X in their train coaches.

2016 Birth of Nanoe™ X Air humidifier and purifier equipped with Nanoe™ X were released in Japan

2018 5th generation. Introduction air conditioner with Nanoe™ X technology in Asia.

The Nanoe™ X technology development started with the aim of using water’s natural tendency to dissolve odor-causing substances to purify air. Panasonic completed a prototype Nanoe™ X unit with verified effects in 2002. Thereafter, Panasonic continues to streamline and improve the Nanoe™ X device throughout the years.In 2016, Panasonic succeeded in developing Nanoe™ X device which generates 10x more OH radicals compared to the previous Nanoe™ X device.

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