How to Get a Heat Pump in Enfield, Nova Scotia

If you are looking for a heat pump in Enfield, Nova Scotia, this guide will teach you how to do that.

The first step is to find the contractor who will install your heat pump.

We recommend using the contractor search tool made by Nova Scotia Power. Here is the link: NSP Contractor Search Tool.

On the Nova Scotia Power contractor search tool, it shows different areas of Nova Scotia, click on Hants.

Nova Scotia Power will show all of their participating contractors who offer heat pump in the Hants and Enfield area.

When you click on a county in the search tool, it will show a list of companies that offer heat pumps in that area.

The reason why we like to recommend using Nova Scotia Powers contractor search tool, is because these contractors are reputable enough to at least be approved by Nova Scotia Power.

Nova Scotia Power recommends getting A few quotes to shop around.

We also recommend this, and to also look at the companies reviews online.

That way you get a good idea on whether or not the contractor you are going to be potentially working with does a good job at making their customers happy.

Getting a good installer is essential when getting a heat pump. A good contractor means a good install and a happy situation in the end.

Getting a good installer makes a big difference for whether or not your heat pump will work, so don’t forget to look around!

When you contact the contractors they will want to come to your home, so they can size up a heat pump for your home.

They will look for many things, to determine what exactly your home needs for a heat pump.

Residential homes, typically are not too complicated, but sometimes there are unexpected things so that it’s good to have a person inside to see your home before you get a heat pump.

The contractors will often times come to look at the following:

  • The layout of your home.
  • What your main goal with the heat pump is.
  • The electrical panel of your home. 
  •  The exterior of your home.
  • Your specific heating needs

After finding what exactly your goal is, your contractor can recommend the best unit to do the best job for what you want it to do.

Once you find someone who gives you a quote that you like, your next step is to simply tell them that you want to have it installed.

After that, your contractor will book a time for when the installation of your heat pump can happen.

The installation should not take too long, the installers will need space to work especially in Covid, but the job can be done in a few hours depending on exactly what you got done.

Ductless heat pump’s, are very fast to install, one unit typically only takes around four hours to install.

If you got a good contractor, everything should be clean and put back neatly after the installation is done and you can enjoy the benefits of your new heat pump.

Looking to get your first quote? Click here and we can help you out with that.

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