How to Use Your Heat Pumps Remote

Ever wonder what all those buttons mean on you heat pump remote?

MODE BUTTON: Your heat pump has 4 modes. You can put your heat pump in auto, heat, cool, dry or fan.

 We recommend never putting your heat pump in auto mode.

Why is this you ask?

In the winter months when the sun is shining and you are cooking, the inside temperature may go up 2 degrees above the heat pump set point, the air conditioner will kick in.

In the summer months on days it is cooler, and the temperature goes 2 degrees below set point the heat will kick in.

This causes the heat pump to operate in an irregular pattern, which leads to inefficient heating. In auto mode it makes the unit run more than it needs too and can to lead to higher energy consumption. Instead, it’s recommended that you have you heat pump in heat mode in the winter.

An added tip is in the summer months when you have the air condition mode on, we recommend putting fan on for five minutes after you shut your unit off. This helps dry the unit out.

FAN SPEED BUTTON: We recommend auto setting for fan setting. The indoor fan speed is auto adjusted according to the operation.

(Panasonic XE Series) RFP BUTTON: Room Freeze Protection Function.

If you own a cottage or leave for vacation in the winter, this feature on the Panasonic XE series will be especially useful for you.

The “RFP Button” is used in spaces that are unoccupied during the winter.

When this mode is selected the unit will operate the fan at high speed for proper room temperature monitoring.

When the sensor detects the room, temperature has dropped below 48 F/ 8 C the heat pump operation begins. When the room temperature reaches 50 F/ 10 C the unit shuts off.

The purpose of course is to protect any equipment from being destroyed as a result of a freezing temperature.


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