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Step by Step Guide on How to Clean Your  Heat Pump

If you have a heat pump, you need to clean it! A lot of people don't know how to clean their heat pump, and it makes a huge difference!

Step 1 - When Do You Need to Clean Your Heat Pump?

In short - every 2-3 months.

But there are things that can affect this, to make it more often. 

These things include if you have pets or you find a lot of dust is circulating in your home. In this case you may want to clean your heat pump every 1-2 months. 

Step 1.5 - Turn Off Your Heat Pump

One thing to note before starting, make sure you turn off your heat pump before starting the cleaning process.

Step 2 - Find the Filter

The reason why your heat pump needs to be cleaned is because your heat pump has a bio filter! 

This bio filter has a filter that is almost exactly like the one in your dryer. To expose the filter you must open your heat pump. 

You can find the handles on either side of the heat pump, simply lift to expose the inside. 

Look for small indents on the sides of the heat pump to open the inside.

Once opened, we will be able to access the heat pumps filters very easily.

Step 3 - Remove the Filter

After you find the filter, you’re going to want to take it out of the heat pump. 

To do that, all you need to do is remove the filter. There should be a small handle on the front and back of the filter. 

Remove the heat pump filter carefully using the handle.

Step 4 - Clean the Filter

Now that you have taken the filter out of your heat pump, it’s time to clean it. 

To do so, simply rinse the filter under your sink and then gently wash off any dirt that may remain on the filter. 

You can even use a vacuum on the filter to remove dust that may be hard to get. 

This is what the dirt you will be cleaning from the heat pump will look like.

Rinse the filter until the dirt washes away.

Step 5 - Dry the Filter

After washing the filter, you will want to dry it before putting it back into the heat pump. 

Simply lay the filters over a towel or cloth so that the water may run off and allow the filter to dry off.

Lay the filters on a towel to dry before placing them back into the machine.

Step 5 - Return Filter to Heat Pump

After you clean the dirt from your heat pump’s filter, it’s time to return the filter to the machine. 

Just make sure that your heat pump’s filter is relatively dry before returning it to its place. 

To return the filter, simply slide the filter back into the heat pump and it just clicks back into position. 

Simply place the filters back in the machine where you found them

Step 6 - Celebrate 

There you have it! You have successfully cleaned your heat pump! 

Now you can spend the rest of your Sunday relaxing :). 

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