The Panasonic ClimaPure™ XE with Nanoe™X technology has an HSPF rating of 14, making it one of the high-end models. To give a comparison, if you currently use electric baseboards to heat your home, the Panasonic heat Pump would be approximately four times more efficient. That’s a big difference when it comes to the heating bill!

 But even though the Panasonic ClimaPure™XE with Nanoe™X technology has the top of the line efficiency ratings, that isn’t what makes it unique. It gets even better!

The Nanoe™X air purifying technology cleans the air, inhibits both airborne and adhered pollutants and odours in your home.

 Indoor air quality creates a healthy and comfortable environment. 

Indoor air quality describes the amount of moisture, oxygen and air pollution inside your home. Healthy indoor air quality has moderate humidity, good oxygen levels, and low airborne concentration and harmful gases. 

Poor indoor air quality can harm human health and cause expensive structural damage to homes. Dust, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, viruses, mites, cockroaches and smoking are familiar sources of poor indoor air quality. 

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