This post will cover the basic functions and help you make the most of the included remote control(s) with your Panasonic heating and cooling air conditioner, or simply put, your Panasonic heat pump.

Beyond the included remote controls, the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App can control all your heat pump units conveniently from your phone.  This will be covered by a future post, but if you download it from Google Play or the Apple Store, it’s free and fairly straight forward.

There are 5 modes on your remote control:






Panasonic XE-Series Remote                                Panasonic E-Series Remote


These are some need to know tips to help you understand the operation of your Panasonic product and get the most from it’s features and remote control.

The first thing to know is generally, AUTO MODE is not recommended for the most efficient use. This seems like a strange recommendation, but here is an example: In the winter months when the sun is shining and you are cooking, the inside temperature may increase 2 degrees C above the temperature selected,  causing the unit to switch to cooling mode, which also goes past it’s selected temperature by 2 degrees C in the other direction. For these reasons the unit will work harder than needed, consuming more power and perhaps wearing out the unit earlier.  The other factor is consistent temperature is the most comfortable and energy efficient, general speaking.

FAN SPEED BUTTON should be set to position 3 for best cooling efficiency overall.  In HEAT MODE the heat pump auto-adjusts your fan speed to provide the best heating, only QUIET MODE or POWERFUL MODE can override this. There are 2 other useful fan modes, POWERFUL and QUIET. Pressing POWERFUL will run the fan at maximum speed for 15 minutes and is very useful for a quick blast of heat or cooling. QUIET MODE may be desirable if near complete silence is needed. It lowers the fan speed until you change the fan mode again manually. Please note leaving the unit in QUIET MODE is inefficient and may prevent the unit from keeping up with user needs on very hot or very cold days.

Our recommendation is simple:  when it’s generally cold outside (below normal room temp.), use HEAT MODE. When it’s generally above room temp, use COOL MODE.

When running COOL MODE, especially in mid-summer, running the unit in FAN MODE for 5 minutes upon COOL MODE shut-off from time to time will help dry the unit and keep the interior of the heat pump cleaner over time.

DRY MODE can be best achieved by setting the unit to COOL MODE and setting the Fan to a low setting.  Through experience we have learned this is much more efficient than DRY MODE for the purpose of dehumidification and that this solution works much better for our customers.

The directional buttons on your remote control fan direction vertically and horizontally.  Put them both on AUTO for best comfort and efficiency. When needed you can focus the fan where needed for extra cooling or heating in that target area.  If you do this, return the unit to AUTO mode for both the vertical and horizontal as soon as possible to ensure overall efficiency.

XE Series only:  The above tips apply to both remotes while the following applies ONLY to the XE Series

XE SERIES remote1

NANOE-X: This button turns on and keeps on the functions of the included Nanoe-X air purification technology. Leaving it on at all times is recommended.

RFP- Room Freeze Protection: This mode is for homeowners who like to shut off the heat when away.  It prevents the unit from damage from freezing and keeps your room between 8 and 10 degrees C even with HEAT MODE off.