If you have a heat pump, you need to clean it periodically!  Many people don’t realize the importance of cleaning. This guide offers a simplified procedure for most heat pumps. (consult your manual where possible)

Panasonic Air Conditioning Head

Turn OFF your unit prior to opening the front cover!


Find the filter cover release tabs usually located near the bottom right and left of the front cover. Pull to release the cover and expose the filter (s)

Locate filters

The filters are very similar in appearance to the ones you find in your dryer. Handle gently.

Remove filter

Remove filter(s) by pulling on small plastic handle, gently but firmly!

For heavier dirt, vaccuuming the excess before rinsing can help clean the filters better.

Rinse thoroughly in the sink or bathtub with warm water. When complete, simply air dry on some absorbent fabric like dish towels.

Remove filter

When dry, reinstall filters until they click into position and turn the unit on.  It’s that simple!