How does my Panasonic heat pump work in heating mode?

Unlike A/C mode, you do not have full control over the indoor unit fan in heating mode. In heating mode, the fan will not come on until the coil temperature is above 32 C / 90 F. If, at any point in the heating mode, the coil temperature drops below 32 C / 90 F, the fan will shut off.

For the best operation in the heating mode, we recommend setting the fan to Auto mode; this will let the fan run at the same speed as the outdoor unit. The heat pump can vary the fan speed by itself and will prevent the fan from always coming on and off.

This function prevents you from feeling cool and ensures that only warm air comes out in heating mode.

The green light will flash when you turn your heat pump to heating mode. This is standby mode and can last up to five minutes. The heat pump is warming up!

Auto air swing: The horizontal flap is fixed at a predetermined position in heating mode, and the vertical flaps swing left/right after the temperature rises.

Our saying in the winter season is set and forget it! We do not recommend turning it off and on during the colder temperatures.

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